Turfing projects

Here at Four Seasons Garden Services we specialise in turfing projects.


If your existing lawn is tired looking, weedy, patchy or uneven, give us a call to see what we can do. Laying a new, level lawn using top quality turf will instantly transform your garden.


We only use the highest quality turf, which when combined with our professional ground preparation and turf laying service, will give you a beautiful, vibrant, level lawn you can be really proud of.


Healthy, green, natural turf creates the perfect backdrop for any garden and turf by the square metre is still one of the cheapest forms of landscaping. It is a fact that a natural lawn is one of the healthiest places for you to relax and for children to play. Did you know:

An average lawn produces enough oxygen for a family for an entire day.

Nearly a ton of carbon per acre per year is absorbed by lawned areas.

Natural grass will keep the air cooler on a hot day.

A healthy lawn will protect your child from bumps and scrapes with its cushioning effect.

A lawn provides a relaxing environment, a place to entertain and play.

Turf also minimizes allergy related pollens. Regularly mowed turf does not produce seed and therefore minimizes the likelihood of some allergy related problems more likely with tall grasses and other plants.


Here is a small selection of some of our previous turfing projects