Gravelled Driveway Hardstands



A properly constructed gravel driveway lasts longer and costs less than block paving, tarmacing and concrete driveways.


Gravel driveways provide a cheaper alternative to block paving as well as being the preferred option where large areas of driveway are required. This choice of surfacing is also very effective as a security measure as thieves are often deterred by a gravel driveway due to the noise that is made whilst walking up the drive.


Gravel driveways also add charm to a home’s appearance when they are constructed of the correct type of gravel and properly installed and maintained. The type of gravel chosen for the driveway is critical to how well it forms a solid, durable surface. Gravel driveways are composed of layers of several different sizes of gravel. Each layer is set with a mechanical tamper and serves a different purpose, such as providing strength, drainage or degree of compaction.


Visualising just how a new driveway can drastically improve the aesthetics of your home can be a difficult task. Below we have included some before/after shots of recent gravel driveway installations in order to help you realise how you can get the most out of your driveway.

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